Extensive medical studies have shown that by age 30, women start loosing bone and muscle
mass. Medical experts agree that for women to keep bone and muscle intact weight bearing
activity is a must. .
One problem- who has time to spend time pumping iron at the gym doing boring, repetitious
exercises? Not when there is a simpler, easier solution - the NYKNYC Weighted Osteoporosis
Vest.  Walking wearing our Osteoporosis Vest is the easiest, most pleasant weight bearing
exercise and the easiest way to increase the quality of your bones and also of your body
All doctors agree that walking is one of the healthiest activities on earth. Its low impact, easy on
joints, its fun and its free - no gym pass necessary. Just put on our Osteoporosis Vest and go !

Our Weighted Osteoporosis  Vest turns  simple walk into a bone strengthening workout.

Dr. Robert Klapper, clinical chief of orthopedic surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los
Angeles said:
alking is an exercise to the joints and what would maximize the benefits of walking is including a
little bit of extra weight"
Dr. Klapper also said that:
" ......there are additional benefits to walking aside from losing weight and strengthening the heart -
walking with weight is good for your bones.
Walking  wearing weighted vest  is a holistic,
low-impact solution that will help keep calcium in the bones "

see OSTEOPOROSIS Info above and Testimonials
Want a lean mean body and strong
bones? Want to keep
your bone strong and prevent
Hate the gym , barbells etc. then
check out the NYKNYC vest!

The NYKNYC Weighted Osteoporosis
Vest turns a simple walk into a bone
strengthening, muscle toning workout

As you walk, you'll help re-build bone
mass, build rock solid bones and
strong lean muscle! Wear your
NYKNYC osteoporosis vest at the
gym to power up any workout.

The NYKNYC Weighted osteoporosis
Vest  is sleek so you can wear it
everywhere for a bone
building workout . Now your
workouts are no longer limited to a
gym .
Breath fresh air as you strengthen
bones and reverse bone loss.
Strengthen your bones , firm up
the whole body by doing any activity
in this vest.
Get fit , get healthy strong bones and
muscles with the nyknyc osteoporosis
vest  : on treadmill , outdoors,
jogging, walking the dog, pushing a
stroller etc.
This NYKNYC Weighted osteoporosis
Vest is the  sleekest osteoporosis
vest available!  Vest has pockets with
removable weights in  front and back
of the vest. NYKNYC osteoporosis
vest looks like clothing
so you can wear it anyplace!
Both the vest and the shorts help
people with balance! Weights are
perfectly placed thus your body
"learns" proper balance !
SMALL, waist 22-24,
MEDIUM, waist 26-28,
LARGE, waist 30-32,
EX-LARGE, waist 34-36

Weighted  Vest, Shorts and
Leggings for Women
for those of you who want to
feel cool and look cool also
at the gym  
doing aerobics or outside
running and jumping
you will love this snug fitting
vest  with or without a T shirt.
Fits like a tank top.
When ordering allow for the
fact that this vest is snug
Great for vigorous exercise!
Very sleek fits under any
jacket for stealthy workouts.
For information and order
CALL 845-688-7612
PO Box 534
Phoenicia, NY 12464
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All vest
PRICE for all our vests
(with 8 pieces of 1/2lbs weights)
additional weights  available at
Weights are in pockets in front
and in back, for balance.
$ 87.00 + shipping  $ 15.00

SIZES for all our vests

xsmall......chest 29"-31"
small .......chest  32"- 34"
medium...chest  35"- 37"
large....... chest  38"- 40"
x-large.... chest  41"- 43"

Weighted Shorts
for women
Strengthen hip bone, firm up muscles
tone and firm hips, thighs, legs!
These body hugging weighted shorts will      
tone and tighten legs, thighs and backside    
while you walk, run or do treadmill, step
climb, aerobics, stationary bike  etc.
while making you look 2 inches smaller!

Slim fitting shorts by NYKNYC are fitted with
removable and undetectable steel weights in
special pockets to target problem areas.
Shorts will make you appear thinner by
hugging the body while they also firm up
tighten up all muscles from the hip down!
A must for athletes, who want to improve
game , a must for anyone who wants to get fit
quickly - firm up problem areas and also
strengthen and build strong bone in hip and
leg area.
Plus they make you
sweat off pounds

SMALL, waist 22-24,
MEDIUM, waist 26-28,
LARGE, waist 30-32,
EX-LARGE, waist 34-36


Keep Hands Free while walking, running, any workout.
Multi Task Leggings.
They offer resistance to go or let you keep what you need close by while
running, walking, hiking anything, anywhere.

For years our customers have been requesting that we make leggings with
pockets .
Use them for weight resistance via small weights that slide into pockets.
Or use pockets to carry Phone, Wallet, Credit Cards, Keys, Energy bars etc
anything you may want to bring along with you while keeping hands free!
Expecting an important call ? Slip phone in pocket and go.
Never miss a call again when you are out exercising.
Priced : $ 65.00   

PRICE; $75.00  +  shipping

For men and women

                   Here is what one  satisfied customers said about our vest:
J. Silverman , who suffers from MS said this of the vest: This vest is great it really helped me with
my Balance and also has increased my muscle strength! I highly recommend this vest for anyone with
MS who needs help with muscle strength and balance!
  "OMG, just got the NYKNYC weight walking vest today (such fast shipping).  Love,
love, love it. Fits perfectly.
Thank you so much for the great service and product! Looking forward to ordering the
walking shorts as well!