Exercising with the  NYKNYC weighted vest for women is becoming a popular workout for
sport-specific and general fitness training for women. Wearing a weighted vest adds weight
to your body, forcing your muscles to overcome this extra resistance with every movement.
While the NYKNYC weighted vest is worn for training,  the athletic benefits occur when your
performance is measured without it. Basic fitness benefits include increased muscular, bone
strength and endurance.

The use of  the NYKNYC weighted vest for women is based on the overload principle. In order
for gains in strength and endurance to occur, your body must work at a load that is greater
than normal. With any movement, your central nervous system believes that your weight has
increased. Additional muscle fibers are recruited to overcome the additional resistance of the
weighted vest.

While weight training with the  NYKNYC weight vest targets specific muscle groups, the
NYKNYC  weighted vest evenly distributes the extra resistance evenly throughout your body.
As a result, strength gains occur in many muscle groups and those muscle groups tug on the
bone in those areas and as a result of the muscle strength gains you will also benefit from
bone density increase also.  Movements such as walking and jogging strengthen your lower
body muscles. Your core, abdominal and lower back muscles contract to maintain proper
posture while wearing the NYKNYC weighted vest. Performing push-ups and pull-ups with the
weighted vest increases upper body strength.
A study that was performed at Texas Tech University featured the use of NYKNYC weighted
vests for track and field athletes. When comparing vertical jump performances, the athletes
using weight vests during plyometric, or power training, experienced a significant
improvement in their vertical leap compared to athletes using different training methods. For
athletic performance, the body trains harder to jump with the nyknyc weighted vest. When the
athlete performs without the nyknyc weighted vest, performance improves because the same
force is exerted with a lighter workload.

The NYKNYC Weighted vest for women is worn like a vest on your torso. The nyknyc vest
typically has pockets on it , in the front and in the back with covering pocket flaps in front, to
place sleek weights in the front and back to evenly distribute the weight. .  Suggested starting
weight is  4 pounds however if you have difficulty walking with the 4 pounds you can remove a
few bars until you reach your personal comfort level. Then you can begin working up to as
much weight as possible for wearer( some say 10% of body weight is good but we suggest
you work at your own comfort level and gradually build up.) The NYKNYC vest will hold up to
12 pounds which is a very strong amount of weight for any average woman to get maximum

First time exercisers that will be wearing the nyknyc weighted vest who have osteoporosis or
osteopenia or any serious medical problems or condition may want to consult a physician
prior to starting any fitness program.
Initial training should be without the nyknyc weighted vest to build a strength foundation. When
wearing the nyknyc vest, start with a lighter weight for use with everyday activities to maintain
proper posture and alignment before performing training activities. Postural deviations while
wearing the vest may lead to discomfort or building up muscle groups that are not the correct
ones or it can even lead to an injury so posture is always important for women when wearing
the nyknyc weighted vest for women.  

NYKNYC Weighted Training Vest for women has a comfortable fit for most women's body
Types The nyknyc vest for women also in weight reduction because it helps Burn Fat & Build  
lean strong Muscle which is so important for women to burn more calories and control weight.
 The NYKNYC company has a vest for every person -

There is The NYKNYC Athletic vest which fits a bit closer to the body, like a tank top. This
vest is very feminine and flattering for a womans body and is used for more vigorous activities
such as : aerobics, jumping jacks, lunges, and it is the perfect vest to add resistance to any
workout at the gym our out running, jogging etc .
Because it fits close to the body, it hugs your body and does not move around thus it is great
for active women. Also fits very easily under sweaters jackets shirts etc for a stealth workout
The NYKNYC quilted vest is a weighted vest but it really looks like a great looking outdoors
vest made for cool to cold weather or brisk weather walking.  It looks very stylish and has as
with all our NYKNYC vests, balanced pockets in front and back. Many people love this cool
weather or all weather, water proof vest not just for workouts but you can remove all the
weights and wear it anytime,  like a regular vest made for outdoor walking, anytime anyplace ,
in addition to it being a serious weight training tool - clothing wise its a great looking vest.
The NYKNYC Classic vest is the one, the only and the original vest that is used by most
women who want to combine style with workout. Great for walking , jogging, etc step climbing,
treadmill, wear it doing housework , strolling , etc .This cute  little vest
is perfect to wear over shirt, sweaters, or under jackets- as with all our vests it is very sleek .